Inspiration according to Urican

An inspiration which first draws its strength from fashion, undeniably. But not just any fashion. Rather, the one continuously renewing its codes by finding inspiration in singularity. That one fashion that modernizes the ordinary by giving an exquisite and unique interest to it. This fashion enabling everyone to perfect and redefine their style, infinitely. In essence, a fashion which, like Urican, is plural and reinvents itself over and over again to perpetuate and to stand out.

Then, an inspiration lulled by the History constructing our DNA. It is through it that every individual takes root and derives their origins. These same strong identity foundations run in the hands of the French eyeglass craftsmen who carry on the spectacle manufacturing traditions, year after year.

Lastly, or let’s say most importantly, an inspiration fueled by Man and what he gives life to. Imagine the delicate and precise gesture that creates the paintings, sculptures, buildings with endless lines, monuments with measured curves, musical compositions that never stop moving and mesmerizing us, iconic clothes that transcend temporality… Thus, an inspiration directly fueled by the Artist Man.

“The grandeur of the acts of men are measured by the inspiration from which they spring.”
Louis Pasteur