Urican Retro Chic

Urican Style

Urban: models imagined by a fashion-driven young designer, whose travels in European and American vibrant capitals generate inspiration. The urban style's endless richness and the wave of freedom it conveys are the essence of Urican's collections.

Retro Chic: by surfing the trends of the 50s to 90s, Urican reinvents the codes and maintains the Retro Chic elegance and sobriety, while adding an offbeat and contemporary touch that brings timeless models to life.

Iconic: Urican's creativity is also fostered by the iconic music, art, design and music legends.

Creative: You will definitely fall in love with the Urican shape that best fits you. Smooth round, fine pantoscopic, measured oversize or rigourous square all sublimate one's personality.

Authentic: Urican's French collections are shaped by eyeglass makers who pass on their knowledge from generation to generation. The models' uniqueness directly arises from their love and passion for this secular art.

Natural: sensitized to the prevailing environmental issues, Urican offers eco-friendly and biodegradable products. They suit everyone: vegans for exemple love Urican!

Urican Retro Chic