Urican is the outcome of a love story.
After marketing several clothing brands, Urican's creator was pursuing a new creative adventure. He found what he was looking for in the Jura mountains, within a French eyeglass manufacturer's studio. Passionate about design and finesse, he was instantly seduced by the master craftsmen's skills and the beauty of their works. Sensitized and attracted to the level of both exigence and expertise involved to create eyewear, he literally fell in love with their universe and Urican was born.

Urican is unconventional and timeless.
The new collection remains faithful to Urican's original DNA: to magnify the frames and ennoble their lines. It rejuvenates the elegance and attention to detail that boosts the creator's inspiration to perfect his models. By sharpening his eye through extensive travels across Europe and the USA, Urican's fashion-enthusiast creator designs fancy, sleek and avant-garde frames. Refined lines, gentle colors, subtle contours, vintage shapes blended with the graphic lines of the urban style, all make Urican's models unique, original and sophisticated accessories.

Thanks to their malleability, aesthetic virtues and comfort, Urican's frames perfectly adjust to your lifestyle. Our collections meet the expectations of the most demanding men and women, who, guided by their taste for excellence and style, are inspired by a fashion that differentiates and allows them to fully express their personality.