Urican Eyewear Guaranteed French Origin

Urican: eyewear Guaranteed French Origin

Among the key words of Urican’s DNA, there is reliability, expressed by the commitment of offering high quality spectacles.
How is this commitment conveyed?

On the one hand, by resorting to the best craftsmen: French master spectacle makers located in the Jura mountains. Thus, working with local producers, Urican brings its part to the economy and ecoresponsibility by revitalizing employment and using biodegradable materials.

On the other hand, by assuring the origin of our glasses, because it is important to demonstrate transparency on this point. That is why Urican has obtained a certification of which assessment and reliability are undeniable: the Guaranteed French Origin label number 83116.

The shaping of the faces and arms and every step of production of the Urican glasses have consequently been subject to the stringent inspection of AFNOR (French Standardization Association).

This is how we guarantee the quality of our products.

"A good style must, first of all, be clear."