Tribute to Sir Henri Guillet

96 years old! It is the age at which Sir Henri Guillet, emblematic icon of the French eyewear, sadly passed away on December 21st.

96 years, more than half of them having been devoted to creating, magnifying and inspiring the eyewear world. Creator of world-renowned models, unconventional but unique, always skilfully hand-crafted, he was also a business leader. Head of the family-owned business he took over in 1951, he worked with numerous world-class fashion designers and haute-couture figures.

Much more than a talent, it is a vision and an avant-garde fuelled by an infinite creative knowledge that have enlivened the models this French eyewear bigwig has given life to.

Far more than just a memory, it is an indelible mark and a unique technique that will continue to animate the hands of the eyewear makers who were privileged enough to enjoy the priceless gratification of working with Sir Henri Guillet.

After all, as Abraham Lincoln used to say: "In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years."

It is therefore a beautiful legacy that Sir Henri Guillet is leaving us with.

Thank you.