A must-have for your eyes

In regard to your look, every detail is important, from the colour of your shoelaces to the tip of your hair.

Superficial attitude? No, not really. A look is much more than a jumble of items or a combination of garments. It is also way beyond a matter of narcissism, self-centeredness or materialism. It is a significant issue, for it rather deals with self-expression. Asserting your style is stating “I am, I exist. Beyond what you can see, this corporeal look, these items that I am wearing, there is definitely a human being before you, outstanding, unique and?”.

That being said, what would best express your wholeness? What would be most faithful to your identity? Answering these questions is Urican's mission. It is what lies behind our motto: “A must-have for your eyes”. Nobody chooses sunglasses by chance. Whether it is about spectacles, sunglasses or an accessory, once again, every detail is important. It is about putting in the spotlight what is most unique and sincere in you, behind the reflection of these lenses. Our goal is to reflect your whole personality summed up in a single glance.

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Illustrations: Halidi Msa

“Style is like crystal, its purity make its radiance”
Victor Hugo