Earth and Water

Spring came in an inconspicuous way, overshadowed by the world pausing that has compelled us to slow down.
Some of us may have taken the opportunity to recenter themselves, to reconnect with nature... Return to essence, in short.
With this in mind, the new Urican campaign, Earth and Water, playing on shadings of orange, yellow and blue, invites you to celebrate the coming of Summer. Let yourself be carried away by the pictures from the photographer Axel De Lai capturing on the spot those moments of life. As the models of Garçons by Gervais agency, attire yourself with your nicest Urican sunglasses to bring a new look onto summery delights.

Let the sky dazzle you one more time with its blue, as well as its vastness. Gaze at it and find yourself dreaming. Feel connected to nature and the Earth, by lying on the lawns of parks and gardens. Remember the pleasure you get in turning to the sun like a sunflower and in feeling its soft strokes warm you up. Undoubtedly and beyond compare a delight. Don’t forget to munch on seasonal fruit you just bought at your greengrocer next door either. Take back the freedom of strolling in the streets surrounding you, talking with the shopkeepers who reopen their shops and workshops. And how about having a drink with them, such as a glass of water, a lemonade or a fruity cocktail? Do visit your relatives as well and share delightful moments. Attire yourself with your zingy-coloured clothes, your favourites accessories and set out to conquer new spots in Paris or any other place you’ll be in this Summer.

With this campaign, the Made in France brand suggests you to rediscover the magic and the joy of simple stuff. You’ll agree that the list is long. There are so many of them we had underestimated the importance of in our lives and which will be even more precious today and tomorrow.

So, get back to activities and places that are dear to you.

"There, all is order and beauty only, Splendor, peace, and pleasure."
 Charles Baudelaire

Text: Mahuna Poésie

Photos: Axel de Lai